𓊸𓂋𓈖𓇌𓇯𓅬𓆇𓏏 or Brnikat is

  • The name of five Egyptian queens, usually spelled 𓊸𓂋𓈖𓇌𓇯𓅬𓆇𓏏, in Egyptian, Βερενίκη in Greek and Berenice in Latin.
  • The name of an exceedingly smart cat who lived to the ripe old age of 19 years 5 months.
  • A UK-registered company.
  • A pseudonym widely used on the Interweb thingy by Paul Leyland.
  • A random collection of musings by the above on topics such as integer factorization, cryptography, infosec, astronomy and whatever takes my fancy at the time.
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